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People often ask if I specialize in working with a particular type of person or a specific disorder. While my clients come from many different backgrounds and cultures, they share certain worries and concerns. They may feel unhappy with themselves or in important relationships; unproductive or dissatisfied with work; or overwhelmed with competing demands in their lives. I work with individuals for varying lengths of time depending on where we choose to focus. Some clients seek help with an immediate difficulty. Others undertake a more open-ended journey.

My clients include:

  • young adults trying to sort things out and sometimes struggling to navigate their professional lives.
  • adults who feel torn between cultural or familial expectations and their own sense of who they are.
  • people who have experienced personal loss.
  • medically compromised or aging patients and their caregivers.
  • adults derailed by life and relationship transitions.
  • people trying to cope with anxiety, depression, or burnout.
  • adult children of immigrant parents or who moved to the US as children.
  • people struggling with an aspect of adoption.

I’ve found that many clients wrestle with the question of whether their needs are legitimate and worthy of attention. Sometimes, these thoughts can lead to a delay in seeking treatment that might help alleviate some of their suffering.