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I’m always interested in hearing about your dreams. A dream can spark conversations that might not otherwise happen. Even fragments of dreams that seem mundane often shed light or bring to awareness an area that needs attention. Rather than trying to nail down one “correct interpretation”, we can think together in an expansive and meandering way about different aspects and details of the dream experience. The dream is meaningful, whether or not we are able to figure out what it “means”.

For example: In my dream, I’m in a car with someone.

Possible questions to begin the conversation:

  • Who am I with?
  • Who is driving?
  • How are they driving?

This dream might be commenting on an actual relationship in the dreamer’s life, or it might be commenting on the dreamer’s relationship to some part of themselves, or maybe both.

While it’s very possible to work to understand something about a dream on your own, it’s a lot easier (and more fun) working with another person.